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Morgantown, WV

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Custom Soaps in the design, shape, color, and scent unique for you.  From 1 to 500 soaps---no order is too small or too large.
Soaps can be designed for busines functions, reunions, weddings, and showers.  We can embed any non-copyrated design.  

We request at least a 30 day lead time to make the soaps for larger orders and during Holiday Season.   Shipping available.  

Goat milk, 3 butter soap and glycerin base

About Us

Started with a hobby, turned into a passion and then the birth of a business.  The idea for Snowey Ranch came about thru many months of thinking about it before turning into a reality.  We are dedicated to producing quality soap, keeping our product clean, educating customers on soap and the ingredients, and producing something that is fun, individualized, and brings a smile to your face not to mention that it is soap and it is to be used!   Bath fizzies are another product we produce. Fizzies are just fun no matter what! 
We are a small company woman owned. We will do all we can to assist with your request.  But please realize if it is a large order we will require at least 2-3 weeks to produce. Soap takes time for it to be correct and fizzies need to harden for them to work correctly.  We are picky about our end product for you--
Quality if very important!!  During the Christmas and Easter Holidays we produce several items ahead to meet requests.  Please call to check availability.
A small business specializing in custom molded soaps lotion bars and bath fizzies.
Designed just for you with your choice of a variety of scents and shapes.
Specializing in  unique designs and Holiday designs--Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.  Many molds/designs available. 

We specialize in custom baby shower and wedding favors.

 Scents include classics like roses, lilac, lemongrass; comfort scents like pumpkin pie spice, apple cobbler, or babypowder; exotic scents such as Ocean Spray, Dragons Blood, and Bamboo and Teak.  

Over 100 scents available.  
  Contact us to customize for your soap experience.
Snowey Ranch
Soaps, lotion bars, and bath fizzies. 

Harvard Ave Morgantown, WV 

Phone  304-288-5146